The knitting gamer.

Knitting isn’t just for old ladies, it’s for youngish adult ladies who also likes to doodle and play games.

A finger hat I knit one time

The one thing you can without a doubt not expect with this blog is consistency, I don’t ever just love one thing and love that forever. I get obsessed with something for a while and then I move on. So while one week I might be posting screenshots and talking about my current gaming love the next week I could be posting doodles and comics or talking about my current television obsession. I don’t do consistency I’ve tried and failed and I just don’t have the focus for it.

So here I am, making my first personal WordPress blog; not really any clue what I am doing yet. Just going with the flow and hoping for the best and yes, I do realise this page is boring as hell but whatever. Going with the flow here.

Anyway, until I get a grip on this page and cop myself on a bit:                                                  Here is a doodle of my lil puppy man Oscar, he’s a brat who has a dislike for white feathers and wind. What a cutie.