Four last minute costume ideas this Halloween!

Everyone knows that the Irish pretty much invented Halloween right? combine that with the fact that I grew up with parents who thought there were more important things to spend money on than Halloween costumes. So I managed to learn a thing or two when it comes to creating cheap and scary Halloween costumes in just a few minutes. Most of the items you will find right in your home already. So if your last minute about everything in life. Like myself, (eg: this post) and you are just DESPERATE for a costume then get ready to get crafty! because I will show you how to make some of the costumes that I wore as a child. Outside. With people around.

 1:Cute Cat Costume

-what you will need-

  • A large refuse bag. Cut four holes in it. (head hole, 2 arm holes and tail hole)
  • A realistic cat coloured outfit (black/white/Grey)
  • Black eyeliner for your whiskers and kitty cat button nose
  • t-shirt 

For the tail roll up the t-shirt stick in the tail hole and secure it in the waistband of your trousers.

** Use realistic cat colours so then you have nothing to worry about.
You can’t go out wearing a green plastic bag trying to pass as a cat,
that’s just silly.***

For the ears

  • Really, use your imagination here like. Cut two triangles out of a cereal box and glue them to a hat or a hairband or something.


  • Buy them. You lazy bastard.

Then you are good go! You are now ready to prowl the streets, as a cat. No one will know the difference. Promise.


2:A vicious Vampire

As before, you will need a large refuse bag with holes cut in it for your head and arms. This time the bag and the clothes that you wear must be dark as you are a vampire and vampires thrive in the dark. Clothes are no exception really. We need to be realistic here.

So if you don’t have any large dark refuse bags then borrow one from a neighbor. As for dark clothes, if you don’t have them then I can’t help you. Everyone should have dark clothes on standby for situations like this. What the fuck is wrong with you? Maybe you should just try the cat costume or something?

**buy some fake cheap fangs from your local store, they are guaranteed to cut your gums and make you drool excessively, which will be worth it because it will all add to the costumes effect. Who needs fake blood coming from your mouth when you can have the real thing.**

If you insist on fake blood then use your imagination: red sauce, lipstick, ketchup and strawberry jam are all good home found substitutes. Or if your real fancy then you could just buy some.

Dog is optional, lure with treats if possible

3:A Wicked Witch

You will begin to see a pattern here, because you will once again need dark clothes and a large plastic bag. The only difference with this one is the sweeping brush and witches hat. Neither are really optional if you are going for a realistic look.

What is a witch without her hat? Just a weirdo wearing a plastic bag and holding a brush that’s what!

For my costume I got one of those cheap hats with the wig attached. Two birds and all that. Just an ordinary household sweeping brush will do. Again no one will know the difference.



4: A Pirate ready to party

You should know by now that a large black bag is needed. It’s so versatile. You can make the bandanna out of the black bag as well, however, you have options with the eye patch. You can buy it OR if you are like me then you grew up wearing an eye patch to help make your lazy eye stronger lucky you! Now all you have to do is colour in your patch black and you are good to go!

Peg leg is optional

You could always just throw on a white sheet.

These are just some of your options, as I said the black bag is so versatile. There was that year all I had was a devil mask and I just put on a plastic bag and hey presto I became the devil!! Your options are endless. The most important thing to remember is to use your imagination. That and large refuse bags! With these two things you can’t go wrong.Happy Halloweening!


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