Subdued and socially awkward.

Being the amazing person that I am I purchased fifa 17 for my husband (not really married, but we may as well be). While I did score some brownie points I am now paying for my sins as a fifa widow. Also, I am now minus my No Man’s Sky fix. So last night at a loss for what to do I’m sitting there listening to the huzband give out to the digital referee when I got the sudden urge to play the sims 4.

I have not played the sims 4 in forever, because frankly it can get boring very quickly. So to keep things interesting I am determined not to use cheats. Bear in mind I have used cheats for sims games since rosebud days. The first thing I do when I buy a sims game is search for the cheats so this will be a real test of my will power. To keep things easy for me in these uncharted waters I will only make one sim. That can’t be too hard right?

Meet Kirsty Doodles, my new sim (traits wise kinda, maybe, loosely based on me):

Kirsty is a subdued and clumsy sim, who aspires to be a painter extraordinaire. How she is going to make friends I don’t know, never mind find love. This should be interesting (I hope).

Anyway on to the house:

I’m not used to being so limited with simoleons, so I was being a bit of a tight ass with my funds here. Simplicity is key it seems.

The bathroom tiles are named “plain Jane” which really sums up this house. I even forgot to buy a sink and bin.

So a subdued sim starts her life in her subdued house, let’s hope her life isn’t so subdued. For now though it’s meals for one:


via Daily Prompt: Subdued


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