No Man’s Sky: A summary of my travels so far.

Ever since it’s release I have been obsessed with No Man’s Sky. I know a lot of you might be wondering how I’m playing the game for so long without getting bored, grabbing a pitch fork and joining the mobs of people calling for Sean Murrays head. Well, honestly? this game suits me perfectly. It’s a chilled out exploration game. No pressure. You don’t like a planet? then you can just move on. You don’t want to kill that creature? then don’t. Or if you want blast all the creatures away with your grenade launcher, It’s all good; no one will care. Well the sentinels might, but if you’re a chicken like me then just use your jet pack to get the hell out of dodge.


I love this game. I constantly wonder what the next planet will bring, what creatures (if any) it’s home to. Will I find them all?. Even the desolate planets without creatures and plants those quiet, dry planets that really drive the lonely explorer feel. I love those planets there is nothing like putting in headphones and blocking out the stresses of the day and taking a stroll on some other silent world full of sci-fi wonders. I am always on the search for that last creature or the ever elusive portals, in all my travels I have only come across two of these portals. It’s those elements of the game that keep bringing me back. The constant wonder.


Anyway I’m not here to justify my reasons for playing No Man’s Sky, I’m here to share a video I made with my mad skills (and windows movie maker) showing a summary of my travels thus far:

In reality though my No Man’s Sky folder has gotten a bit ridiculous and I needed to delete some clips!


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